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In our fast-paced life filled with materials and information, plants, is satisfying the desire for nature and beauty as well as meeting the basic needs of human, and now have also gradually become a carrier of emotional exchange and conscious expression.

We observe and depicte the interaction between plants and humans, as well as behavior and accustome coping model. Further to recombined and transcended into imagination, in designating plants, nature, and linked objects as messages and the medium for questions about individuals, life, society, or the environment.

The techniques and methods of “floral design” serve as a base for shaping, yet at the same time, I attempt to remove the concrete contours of floral design and aesthetics. The common memories, the imagination of beauty, and implied messages will naturally raise.

Gallery / Studio
No. 68, Sec. 1, Huamei W. St.,
West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan

By appointment only:
+886 4 2321 1636

+886 4 2321 1636 (Taiwan)
+852 9072 0440 (Hong Kong)

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