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Lily, Lily, Human Doing

Concerning the removal of richness, lustful and the aggressive… When it is an instinctive logic that the pollen of the lily and textiles were seen as incompatible, stamens from thousands of lilies have been collected and placed in a pure clothing shop unexpectedly.

Its glamorous appearance, along with widespread petals, a rich aroma, tantalizing spots and half-bent posture cannot hide its desire for love. Lily symbolizes home, mother, or years of memories in the living room. Such a representation of emotion and memory has been manipulated by the market and turned into simple merchandise, massive amounts of lilies have been sold as gifts, sometimes they can be elegant, and other times tawdry. Stamens that have been intentionally removed in order to have their freshness maintained stack up behind people’s memories.

Artist collected the stamens that have been artificially removed. Through them, he observes and portrays the motivation behind human behavior and the way to counter it, while re-evaluating what has been ignored. He records the smell, colors and forms that disappeared in a moment through an invasive and unexpected way that disturbs the viewers.